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Actor/Actress - Motion Capture

Conteur-se, Comédien-ne

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Void is a visual art collective based in Brussels since 2013 

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For our next exhibition we are using an avatar to interact with the audience at different point of the show. The avatar is the human shape of SARA, a mechanical apparatus which is visible and working physically in the exhibition. SARA is the acronym of Souvenir Archival Recording Apparatus, a machine that draws, during the show, the memories of people on paper blackened with smoke.

We are looking for an actor to bring life to this avatar. We are using a motion capture technology to animate the face of the talking avatar (facial movement and lipping).  We need both the expression and the voice to bring this metahuman to life. The actor could be man or woman, gender of the avatar is undetermined. His face is androgyne and his voice should also be "in between". But the actor must be mother tongue English speaker (American or British).


To apply send us a message at:






Actor/Actress - Motion Capture

-mother tongue English (american or english)

-androgyne voice


Conteur-seComédien-ne Type de profil : Étudiant (écoles sup. artistiques ou techniques) Type de profil : Professionnel (métiers artistiques et non-artistiques)
Sexe : indéterminé Sexe : femme Sexe : homme Âge apparent : 30-35 ans Âge apparent : 20-25 ans Âge apparent : 45-50 ans Âge apparent : 50-60 ans Âge apparent : 40-45 ans Âge apparent : 35-40 ans Âge apparent : 25-30 ans